Cough, cough…seems I’ve gone and caught myself another TAG!

Turns out this tag is just the thing to help me skive off from the boring paperwork I am meant to be doing!

So Tag task 1.  Show a picture of your desk

I can do that! But as I have crappy photography skills – or is that camera? I may have gotten a little carried away when creatively editing said images!! I’m sure you can deal.

As you can see my Juju takes crowning glory behind my head as I work away saving one house from a design disaster after another. I like to think that it reflects my halo that is normally invisible to the naked eye.

My computer is pretty much crap, so deserves no attention here whats so ever. One day a Mac pro book will be mine. One day….

My desk

My desk

This is my view from my desk.

The table (not the right shape for the space – but sometimes you just gotta work with what you got!) is full of fabric samples and schemes I am working on.  Trevurr the cat likes to keep an eye on my work and sometimes I find he has done a little creative editing!

View from my desk

View from my desk

My bookshelf to my left houses some of my gazillion magazines. I have many more, but are going to edit and only keep the uber goodies that I just must have.

a few magazines

a few magazines

Tag task 2.  Open the 6th picture folder on your computer, open the 6th photo and blog it.

Um, obviously I ain’t going to really chose the 6th of the 6th -it was a really boring picture…. So I am taking liberty and just posting in fact the next one (like you’d know!) a random picture of my work that I am happy to share with the blogosphere!

So I guess its now my duty to infect someone else with this tag. As its a visual one, there are a few of my blogging fellows that I am curious about seeing where they are coming up with their witty and sarky posts – so yep, that means -TAG you’re it – Raina of If the Lampshade fits” fame! Don’t get mad, get flattered!!!

For the rest of you out there – consider yourselves tagged too.. or not – your prerogative!

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