Happy birthday to my mumma. Today she turns 70 (though she doesn’t look a day over 66.5!!)

This is a picture of my mum and dad that I have framed in my office- I just love it. It was taken the day that my parents moved into their suburban dream home – which is the house that I grew up in & they still live in.

They look so proud! (Mum is centre back in the green shirt & headscarf. Dad is the dude with the impressive sideburns & checked shirt.)

As you can tell by the clothes, sideburns & table cloth:  it was the 1970’s! (by the 1980’s the whole house was basically a Laura Ashley & Liberty fabrics showroom!)


& being such an important family occasion, I couldn’t not share this… This is a portrait of  mum painted back in the day.

Recognise it? (oh, it hangs pride of place in my um, powder room!)

OK, so its probably highly likely/definitely not really her… But having seen pictures of her from the era it IS a splitting image of her. And to be honest, from the stories I’ve heard, she lived through the 60’s pretty well -so maybe she wouldn’t even remember posing for it!!!

Happy birthday Mum:  Love you!

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