Kew Blue House

Kew Blue House

The interior of this sitting room took a dramatic turn for the best with the addition of the bold blue walls. Immediately an intimate atmosphere was created -which is just the mood you want to sit back and listen to some cool jazz… which is exactly what the owners of this home wanted to use their room for!


Lets talk about the details:

  • A round custom designed rug was used to break up a room of dominating straight lines – Have a look, you’ll see what I mean.
  • The stunning cabinet in the dining room was a design collaboration with a local furniture artisan and the gorgeous cabinet in the sitting room was a great find at a furniture auction. And yes, we were all quite proud of that one!



Nice words the clients had to say:

‘We love our home and thank you for creating a harmonious environment for us. You showed a willingness to listen to our ideas, offered great suggestions, and showed creative flair through designing some unique pieces just for us. We love the way you look at a space and have a vision for what is could become. Camilla, you are unique, and our house is a testament to that!’

Photography by Martina Gemmola