Hello to you and welcome to designalogue blog!

About a year ago I stumbled across the world of blogs and was so excited to have suddenly found that the Internet was suddenly relevant to me! Before this world had opened up to me, I thought the best I could hope for was reading the newspaper on-line or perhaps a bit of Internet banking! I cant tell you how I excited I was by this discovery! As a complete magazine addict I could basically now have a new magazine delivered to my screen daily -and pretty much without all the pages of blah they have in between the good bits! I still have the mag addiction, yet the fix isn’t as desperate as once was!

And now the time has come for me to give it ago! Whats the harm?! Why not?

From the get go, I think it is only fair to tell let you know that I can get quite lazy with my spelling and spell check can just do so much!! Also punctuation is NOT my strong suit! I have a habit of using – instead of, and. – and so do it often! I write how I speak, and that’s how it will be! Otherwise I won’t get anything down, and this blog will be very short lived! So if you decide to stick with me as a read now & then, you will just have to deal with it!

So, I suppose here I go!!

So to start, here is a picture I love of LA designer Peter Dunhams‘ own home as featured in Domino. I love the collection of interesting pieces and mismatched goodies that would all have their own story of how they came to be! A room with character! Gorgeous!

Peter Dunham