Here at Designalogue Blog, we ponder life’s BIG questions. You know the important stuff.

Today’s post is no exception. Today we will explore bedside tables.

“Huh?” I hear you say. “THATS a Big question?!” to which I retort, “Have you thought about the endless choices available? ALL the options, Have you?!”

Its a BIG impact of what seems to be a simple decision.

I have spent a lot of time of late thinking about bedside tables. A LOT of time (-um, Yeah. I’m a deep thinker!)

But I’m going to be looking for some new bedside tables for the fella and I soon. So I’m thinking about what actually I want in a bedside table: Decorative? Functional? Spacious? Compact?

Its a BIG decision you know! I mean, it will effect a lot of future decisions: Such as what kind of bedside lamp – big, little, desky. Do I have room for a book, water and a pencil? you see, there IS a lot to consider!!

So I’m asking myself:

Do I want to go with this kind of table – a little Rococo type number? I COULD easily re paint to my colour whims!

Living Etc

Or do I want a compact little decorative number like this pretty table?

Living Etc

Do I want to go dark & moody with uber storage like this one?:

Living Etc

I’m pretty sure this one isn’t going to suit my lifestyle, but should I discount it so easily JUST because its a wee one?

Living Etc

Do I want a little colour in my table?

Do I need to be thinking about a bit of sassy bedside storage?

Perhaps I should go the sensible kinda non committal, could go either way kinda number?


Or the simple space keeper?

Or, do I rethink the entire bed head and go for built in storage simplicity?

Or, COULD be a good excuse to use some gorgeous fabrics – I DO have quite the stash hidden away!

Or, this type of ‘sensible’ table?

Or, what about an interesting twist! and OVER height! it certainly would fit a book and a glass of water!

Or, maybe I want to go antique?

And ALL this and I haven’t even started thinking about drawers or cupboards!!!

So you see, this really IS a big question!

Stay tuned, (but don’t hold your breath!) I will let you know which way I go!

Images all via Living Etc.