No Really – I’m not the fickle type!

But if this ‘new look’ of design diva is anything to go by, then I officially DE-design crush Ms Kelly Wearstler.

Mauve and grey (yeah, its close enough to be!) is a way too 1980’s for my design sensibilities! I’m all for colour, but NOT that combination!

I was a child of the 80’s, and now as a grown-up, I’m in the ‘biz’ of making peoples houses look awesome – which in some cases means DE mauve and greying the joint!  Why ruin ALL that good work?

No no NO ! Ruffled suede ankle boots are enough to contend with! Please people – hear me & say NO!

Domino header

Domino mag

oh yeah – I reserve the right to change my mind at ANY time!!!

Psst: I DO like the painting though!

All images via “if the lamp shade fits” – a blogette whose tag names alone have me a gigglin!