The lovelies over at Design-Crisis have set a challenge in the spirit of US TV show “Top Design” (a show of which I can only view via You tube, as its not shown here in Aus!)

(psst – Side note to Australian TV land – please DO NOT attempt to copy or Australian-ize Top Design. Australian TV designers have enough to answer for already!!!) 

Karly, one half of the Design-Crisis witty duo, was feeling rather un-inspired by the latest episode and couldn’t bring herself to write the expected ‘sarky’ post on the previous nights episode.  – Having viewed only a small section of this via you tube, I can totally understand why! dude & decoupage do not a bachelor pad make!

So a challenge has been set – find some ‘Hot man decor porn!’ and this is MY contribution! 

I think this is THE perfect bachelor pad!!! AS seen in the fabulous 2003-ish film ‘Down with Love!’ 

Ticks all those obligatory bachelor pad-ness things: built in bar, wood panelling, Navy! and ofcourse a mechanical sofa which with a flick of a switch and alas, a bed awaits!! – ah, the convenience is genius!! 

Ooh la-la! 


Down with Love

Down with Love


Awesome film set - Down with Love

Man Pad - Down with Love


And I cant NOT show the equally fabulous ‘chick-lette’ pad complete with sweeping stair case and sunken lounge and pink sofa! And is that a fire pit i see?! Also SO Ooh la la!! 

Chicklettes apartment -equally impressive! - Down with love film set

Chicklettes apartment

So do I win? do I, do I?!!!!

I have the perfect spot for the Lamborghini poster offered as the prize!!