I’m excited! I want one, I gotta get me one! (Yes,I know, more consumerism on my part -but hey! it might help stop a global recession – are YOU doing YOUR part?!!!!!)

A sun shade umbrella for the garden by day, and a kooky lamp like light by night! How brilliant, simple and brilliant!

And the best thing is – its solar powered with flexible solar cells on the cover of the parasol which collect energy from the sun during the day.

Come sun down, it knows what its time for, and makes the transition to night light all on its own – just like a mechanical flower!

Genius! I LOVE it!

More information on clever Sun Shade designer Lianne Van Genugten here. (check out the little filmy thing -so clever!)

By day...the usual garden umberella

By day...the usual garden umbrella

By night... super cute garden light!

By night... super cute garden light!