I’m totally suffering from Monday-itis today! I just cant quite get my head into work… I HAVE tried!

I even went to two cafes with serious work intentions in mind. One, I was distracted by a crazy dog and a kid who was blowing massive snot bubbles! Two, I even had my folder and an inspiration book -I totally looked the part, but that wasn’t enough to get over the line! My head kept wandering…into nowhere land!

So when I finally returned from my little afternoon sojourn, I was flipping around the Blogosphere, where I found something at “The Claw” that kept my occupied and quite amused for a little while! Its a Japanesse website where you can upload your own photos, and it makes them look ‘ye-oldy’ style!

Here are the results of this afternoon procrastination session! (It could be kinda work related! – they are my work!)

I think I will use the picture of me in my new CMD website that is finally happening very soon!- the picture done normally looks far to serious & up tight!-this version is a bit more chilled -me thinks!

Try with your own pictures here! Now I’m done with the work pics, I reckon I can waste me a bit more time with some friends pics!! (I hope my head is better tomorrow! Ive got so much work to get through!!)