Yee-Ha! Its the weekend! and spring has totally sprung here in fabulous gorgeous Melbourne town!! 

This weekend its forecast to be a stunning 28 degrees Celsius (that’s 82.4 Fahrenheit for all you foreigners!!!!) So I’m dusting off my winter blues and doing a bit of this….


Whilst lazing around this: 


And taking a stroll along this: 


And having a paddle in this: 


And most likely reading all this: 


And Im sure I will squeeze in a few of this:



And all the time pretending I DONT really have to do any of this: 



Have a lovely weekend all! 



* – The ‘fella’ and I taking a moment in the sun this afternoon! 

** – The glorious park near our house where we took a moment to laze about today! 

*** – View of my beautiful Melbourne town 

**** -Im sure you receognise water! 

***** – Only got my issue of Domino in todays snail mail – thats how long it takes people! and NO – no wedding planning – This mag has brilliant styling ideas so its makes a must read! 

***** – Vino – why not!!!

*^* – felt lonely to not have anything for this one!!  -though the editing program is having a bit of a Halloween theme thang going on! – could you tell?!!