Yoshis new haircut - by Daniel Truscott

Yoshi's new haircut - by Daniel Truscott


So I have been tagged by the lovely Lisa-Renee from Juxtaposition Design blog! 


The point and purpose of this tag is to share six things about yourself – well, I can do that – I’m absolutely fascinating and in fact – Me is my favorite subject!!!!!!!

So, OK here I go! 

  1. I spend more money at the fruit markets each week on flowers than fruit and veggies…Flowers are my indulgence… I need their colour and beauty -also its a great way to ‘re zhooshed’ my house each week!! 
  2. I am quite useless, and can be a bit evil without coffee in my system.  And I am very snobby about my coffee! It bothers me that I live near so many cafes and only a few do really good coffee – consistently! (-I have been known to rant about this sometimes…OK, to anyone who will listen!)
  3. I suffer from a mild case of Tourettes Syndrome ** when I’m walking through Ikea and see people about to buy sofas and chairs (people, just don’t do it!-pour your hard earned dollar down the sink instead)*** (- I have ALSO been known to rant about this sometimes….OK, to anyone who will listen!!!) 
  4. I LOVE  the kiddie find a word puzzle in the Sunday paper and rush to do it and find the secret shape hiding within each week! I have NO interest whats so ever in the grown up puzzles. 
  5. I am currently hoarding incandescent light globes. But that is because as of 2009 in Australia you will no longer be able to purchase normal incandescent globes – only fluro nasties that I CAN NOT  and will not live with.  This is because our previous government (Oh SO yay for that right there! -total Bush brown noser!!!) decided to do nothing else about the impending Global warming – but just to look busy – decided to ban incandescant globes. I’m ALL for doing good for the world and I am in fact a ‘Eco-Sensitive’ designer, but this law is ridiculous and a total band aid. I for one will gladly switch every lamp and light to an efficient and warm glow globe when they exist (nup – the LEDs aren’t up to it yet & I promise I AM doing a lot of research in this area!) – but not fluro. Its not the answer and I refuse to live in a fluro world. (hmm – you getting the picture on my rants now?!!!!) So anyway, I am stock piling the good warm white globes. ****
  6. I get a lot of work done (well, the idea sketching and idea summoning part) when I get a pedicure and sit in the massage chair! And when my head is overfilled with all the design projects I am working on, this is where I go to ‘work it through’! (Hmm..i wonder if i can claim as a work expense?…interesting!


Ahh, thats kinda fun actually! 

The rules of tagging: link to the person who tagged you, list the rules, tag 6 others, and leave them a comment to let them know you’ve tagged them
OK – So I am meant to ON tag – but……I’m a rule breaker!!! but I’ve never been a chain mail kinda gal, so Im mixing things up & leaving it open to all!!! – come on lovely readers – tell me SIX things about you!!!  
Oh GO ON!!! I’m giving you a polite and gentle nudge rather than a guilt trip DO it!!! 
** Touretts Syndrome – not really & no offence intended to anyone suffering from this real disease. 
 *** Ikea – I am a designer – and its my job to sway people in the way of quality furnishings -I have nothing against Ikea – in fact some of their designs are fabulous and oh so handy! but I wouldn’t personally purchase a sofa or chair there as I have quality issues with those- but would buy the other bits & pieces -um, does this make sense to anyone but me?!! 
**** Incandescant light globes are used in my home only in lamps – LED’s are perfectly suitable for overheads ect. Fluros – not in my life thank you. 
Psst – How cute is that painting! Its by a friend of mine Daniel Truscott – I love his work & covet sooo soo muchly!! Check out some of his other work here 
Daniel Truscott - Looking forward in the same direction

Daniel Truscott - Looking forward in the same direction