I’ve just had like a mini heart attack or something. It was brought on by the extreme excitement of the parcel that arrived this morning.

Admittedly this is far more exciting for me, and most likely wont raise your heart rate too much, but as its been established in previous posts – its all about ME anyway!!!!!!

So this parcel of great excitement is the 500ish page book of Interior awesomeness and extreme fabulousness in the form of this years “Oscars of the Design World” (they say! -and yeah, I’d agree!)  –Andrew Martin Design Review (volume 12)

If you haven’t seen this or any of the past issues, just picture in your mind a HUGE book, choc-a-block full of gorgeous interiors and fabulousness created by designers from all around the globe.

As Well as the pictorial fabulousness, its also full of amusing and witty tit bits about each designers.

Some examples to share with you of these witty titbits:

“At ease with his own perfection, he cites modesty as his best feature…”

“Surgically attached to his Tag Heuer watch, he fantasizes about Tyra Bank’s bedroom…”

“A volatile designer with a penchant for leather aprons and a love of abundance, Giano believes that a tan is the answer to most of his body anxieties. With his sea blue eyes and tuxedo shirt, he is happiest contemplating the ocean or flying in his dreams…just thinking of babies makes him weep”

“Hedayet has a love of excess, burgers and Quaker oats: Dina has a serious sugar habit and admits her social life could do with some input”

Ahh see! Its witty I tells you! And far more interesting than page after page of “I took inspiration from every second crater in the moon… the ‘vision’… ooh the ‘textures’….blah blah blah    (oh, um,  I just realised that sometimes in client meetings I can sound a little like that…oh dear!!)

So to share a little, and show you that it IS really a reason to be TOTALLY excited by, here are some random pics I have taken to show you that this IS worthy of a ‘moment’!!







You see?  It IS something to get excited by!  Ahh, its the best $150 bucks of inspiration Ive spent (well, THIS week!!)