So I’m STILL on the Spring carnival band wagon… turns out I may a little enthusiasm for it after all!

The big race is tomorrow, the one that its all about-‘The Melbourne Cup’ – the race that stops a nation! -so they say! (Oh, did I mention Its even a public holiday!)

Of course its as much, well probably more so, about the ‘fillies’ in frocks than the ‘fillies’ on the field! But all I am interested in and scour the papers to see a glimpse of, are the corporate marquees. Big brand companies go ALL out in budget and fluff to create a super space of fabulousness!

Very often in the really fabulous marquees, the creative genius behind the design and implementation is clever lass Amanda Henderson, of Gloss Creative. She is a bit clever!

Check out a few pics from last years carnival -so you know what I am on about!:

Pics via Indesign here

Kinda heart breaking to think that these incredible spaces only exist for a few days…a bit sad really!

I was unable to find any images of this years fancey pants marquees, but I will keep you in the loop when I do!

So you have quite possibly seen all these pictures before -so apologies for hacking them out once again! But I would feel like a home town traitor if I didn’t spread the word!!

And so of course it has to be said, whilst we are here in lovely Melbourne town, where some horses are running around fast,  A far more important race is nearing a close on the other side of the globe in the US.

So just a shout out to my blogger friends in the states: Please do me proud and vote right!

And by ‘right’ of course I mean left!!