The glamA continues…

I have finally managed to find me some pictures of this years Spring Carnival fancy pants marquees.

(Seems all it took was to look in the newspaper! whatta know!)

So this will give you an idea of the scale of these um, tents!

You thought it was a bit small didnt you! No, it fits a few!

This colour scheme and sofa push my ‘special’ buttons. For real.

I would like a light fitting like this in my house please.  Complete with weekly florist visits to ‘freshen’!

Oh. I hope this looks better in person. I hate those chairs. They speak Nana’s nursing home to me!

Doesn’t have the same overall awesomeness feel as last years displays-maybe its the photos? Maybe the budget got reined in? (yeah, pun intended!)

The race has just been run and the winner is ‘Viewed’ by seriously a slither of a horses whisker! it was quite exciting really!

All images via The Age