Not a very clever title is it! Eh, I’m tired! I’ts bed time!

So I’m back! Did you miss me? Um, did you even know I had gone?!!…

But yes, here I am, fresh from a mammoth house move and man, I have a lot of stuff – A LOT!

Did you know that lamp shades breed?

I kid you not! I seem to have a huge amount of lamp shades in ALL shapes and sizes!!

I will post some pics of the pad soon – complete with my fabulous Juju hat by the way! -Its SO fabulous! Even the fella cant disagree!

But rather than bore you with the dramas and saga’s that seem to go on and on, I thought I would share a quick-see sneak peak of a project that I have been working on. The wallpaper in the bedroom was installed today & I love it!

Still some finer and finishing ‘details’ to come, so as I said – its a sneak peak!

The hallway leading into the boudoir was also wallpapered using an Osbourne & Little number. Its a muddy chocolate with a hot pink pin stripe. Yum!

Sadly my photos don’t show up this so well, so you will just have to take my word for it!

Psst: This is a before shot of the bedroom!