And good luck checking me outta there….


I spied this over at Dales’ HDI Blog and felt the need to on-share as it makes me sigh with a heart warming AHH. I love it. I love it. I just love it. I want to jump on that bed and wrap myself in the rainbow blanket before my eyes.  

Hmm. Too much? 

This bed of yum is one of Missoni’s ‘designer’ hotels set to open in both Edinburgh or Kuwait later in the year and also explains the Missoni product all over it! 

I’m checking me in, but think I will head Edinburgh way, as Kuwait is still a little close to the action for my comfort!


You know, I’ve been pondering a lately: I wonder what it means that I am a girl who is pretty much dressed head to toe in black day after day -HATES wearing colour, but have decorated my own home with a HEAP of colour? Really, is there a psychological issue here? 

Oh mother Oprah, show me the way…

Maybe she could do an ‘expose’ on people who need colour?

Just saying, thats all. 


Oh and another thing I feel the need to on-share. In case you lot over in other parts of the blogosphere world think I’m all crazy with the spelling – fear not, here in Australia – we spell colour with the U in it.

We also drive on the other side of the road to you and supposedly our water goes down the drain clockwise to your anti-clockwise. 

Don’t judge, diversity is a GOOD thing people!

Oh other non country specific spelling mistakes are just part of the quaint gal I am!!