In the current issue of Australian shelter mag Inside Out, there is photographic proof of what I have long suspected is true. The Truman show is real, and yes, I am the star of it.

Can you pick it up where you are in the world?!!! Do you get reception?

Anyway, the photographic proof of which I speak is a house that has long been in MY head: the location – Byron Bay Hinterland (soooo beautiful there), the of view of rolling hills I desire to stare out at, just the whole sensibility of the joint being a well thought out sustainable build and I even dig the frisky red rabbit keeping an eye on things!

If it turns out the Truman/Camilla show isn’t a happening (ah, doubt that!), then the architect and current* home owner  Sharon Fraser and I are kindred spirits cause I love it so.


The bunny is on the lookout for me!


Are sunken lounges making a come back?


Yeah, those are views I could look at.


Not such a bad scene to wake up to

Now this, is very cool indeed.

If you are wanting the TV to be the focus of the room its just like magic-now you see it… but suddenly there is more to life and you don’t want the tele to be the focus of all – so whoosh and kaboom and now you don’t!

If that doesn’t quite explain to your liking, then try this instead: Using a mechanical rope and pulley system, the painting moves up or down to cover the TV screen or not. The concept is way impressive anyway – but then in this case its a painting of fish – well, that just rocks my world people!


This rocks my world

Obviously for those who know me once I move in there will be many many more cushions (Yes, this yet another admission of ‘interior’ addictions I have)  undoubtedly  more colour and general stuff -you know a nick-nak or two!!! But I am confident it will still do it all justice!

And so how about a round of applause for my first scan job here at Designalogue!!!

Oh thank you, thank you! Now if I can only work out how to capture an image in a site using Flash……. (you people seem to do so, but I no can!)

Photographs by Richard Powers

*current – consider this marching orders! I’m moving in – oh but don’t freak out or anything i will be nice about it all!!