I’ve gone and got myself tagged again! This time the lovely Qerat infected me!

The point again to share 6 things about myself. But with all this tagging going on, IMO struggling to keep up with new things to share, a girl has gotta keep some mystery you know!

So Im instead going to share some Randomania instead:

1. I was reliving some childhood memories the other day and You tube-ing the fabulous TV show from my childhood  Fraggle Rock! I came across this classic gem, which the fella and I decided should be the song to get us all motivated throughout this global recession!

Um, I am having all sorts of trouble uploading this video – so you will just have to expel that tiny bit of energy & click on the link to make it work instead! Doozers

2. My favoritest film of ALL time is the Labyrinth.

3. So, I will admit.. I have a bit of an obsession…. I cant get enough of coloured glass.

I just love it and have, um, quite a bit in my house…….








There is actually more than this, but the photos were even more crapola than these. So you will just have to believe me!

4. I cant throw away, give away or even loan out my design magazines. This does create a bit of a storage issue, but I deal. Each month I buy about 8-9 mags and I devour them and re-read many times over! (Also – happily these are a tax deduction, so that’s a happy ending!)

5. I still drink coffee daily. I never pretended I was going to give it up- just keeping you up to speed!

6. I love my iPhone and hate synthetic fabrics on upholstery.

Ah, six points = done.

I don’t want to give myself a reputation for being a girl who gives infections, so once again: dear readers and blogging friends, if you wanna, do it! If not, I wont hunt you down!!