Personally, I cant think of a single thing better than a crystal horse chandelier in a castle. 

Ha! seems Stella McCartney cant either. 

But she has access to more castles than I do. And lets face it, the castles she can get her hands on in the English countryside are quite different (read um, real) than I can here in Australia! Infact the only one I can even think of here is Kryal Castle. (I suggest you click on the link so you can understand more of why this is always referred to with a bit of a smirk and extra glint in the eye!)

Anyway back to Stella’s and my shazam jinx moment (um, ok. Its all hers… I’m just on the bandwagon for effect! stay with me people…) Way back in the olden days of 2004, Stella created this horse chandy sculpture titled ‘Lucky Spot’ using lots of Swarovski crystals for a temporary exhibit for a fashiony thingy DOO at Belsay Hall! The outcry was immense (um, I’m going for effect!) so its back and galloping the great hall once again.

Clever things make me happy!  

pics via Bloomacious & The Cool Hunter