I recently came across the Creative Women’s Circle – a group in my Melbourne town that brings together women working in creative industries and small businesses to share information, inspiration and ideas. 

Well – I fit into ALL of those categories, so this coming Satdy morn I am going to tottle down and check this out! If you are also a chick who is interrested – find more info here


This weekends meeting chit chat, also includes a fabric swap, of which the idea of makes me break into a cold sweat! Fabrics are something I get very very excited by! 

I am lucky enough to have spent many a year working closely with gorgeous textiles and have built up quite a booty of delish!  To me, just owning some super Divine goodies is enough! Actually using them would just be wrong! I mean what if it was ruined – it couldn’t ever be used again!? But in the spirit of the day, I am going to go through my stash and decide which of the goodies I can and can not live without, and hope that someone else feels the same and has some awesome goodies for me to nab!


***Update -The meeting has been & gone & was very inspiring! 

That is all!