I need a big boat and OOOoooodles of money –stat!

Can you help?

In case you need a little more information before you open your wallet, I guess I can elaborate…

Its for ALL this:

and then also this:

And this too:


So you may ask why? or even how this can be?

20th century props is closing down and all of the above is in need of a new home – So why not mine?

I’m sure I could make over 120,000 square feet of props, antiques and unique items ranging from the Ancient to futuristic all work in my 3 bedroom inner city house!

If you wont pony up the cash for the lot, then at least let me have these goodies:

A lion cage -think of it as a play den for Trevurr the cat.

A space ship cock pit for the fella.

And this for me:

The Austin Powers pod. I think it would be the perfect spot for a secret nap!

If you wont let me have any of that, then the least you could do is let have this:

And the reason for that, should be quite self explanatory….

So, whose in then?