Whoops.  Its again been a while! ….. I’m sick of apologising for delayed absences and it makes  a very boring blog – so, lets just move on shall we?

I do promise that my next post wont be all about me! (also makes for a boring blog!)  But for now, please indulge me as I just had to sneak this picture (yes, blurry picture!) in of a project I have in the works:

I am really pleased with how its coming together and even more pleased that its now out of the confines of  my head and in the real world!

The turquoise velvet chair really had my heart a flutter as do the blinds that look so beautiful (um…if I do say so myself!) Still to come is a cabinet that I have designed, made from reclaimed timber in an ebonised finish using all natural finishes including bees wax.

My client and I are also investigating different heating options, and looking at using this groovy number which burns ethanol, a clean heating alternative which doesnt require a bulky flue and doesnt dry the air out. Very cool, but requires some further investigating…

As I am self imposing a ban on my self promotion here for a while…. I will just sneak this link in…… the lovely and clever Tess McCabe of Creative Women’s circle has included me in a profile series she is doing for the CWC blog.   here if you want to read a wee bit more about me!

And for the creative women of Melbourne out there (little red… I’m talking to you!) you might be interested in checking out the next CWC meeting, its always inspiring to here the triumphs and the woes of other creative women face in their own businesses.

Just saying!