Meh. Its winter. I’m cold and well, a bit grumpy.

So I’m self diagnosing my meh with a case of the winter blues and prescribing me some happy pills in the form of eye candy. STAT!

My eye candy trip goes a little something like this…

I will begin by a quiet and lazy read in this armchair by the fire. A good spot to read the new issue of Inside Out.

(something about that fire makes me keep looking…)


After my initial mag flip through, I’ll walk down the hallway,


And up the stairs,


Through the dining room (made the detour just to get an eye full of the blue!)


Then into the sitting room, where I ‘ll skim the shelves looking for a book to read, while taking in an eye full of the fabulous stripey blinds.


I’ll stop by the kitchen to make a cup of tea.

and a snack…


I will eat my snack of choice whilst warming my legs while I stand by the fire.


Then I will make my way into the sun room where I will drink my tea, basking in both the winter rays, as well as the beauty of the brass coffee table (or is it dulled copper? either way – yum!)


About now my meh is softening somewhat.

But instead of a sun soaked read, Im feeling lazy (warning – tread carefully, Im still a bit meh & can bite!!) so instead,  I will head to the media room where I will watch some episodes of Grand Designs -hoping to see the one about the Huf haus (those Germans are efficient & clever aren’t they!)

If thats not doing it for me, then I will watch Labrinyth for the millionth time.  This scene never fails to cheer me up.


After basking in my Bowie glow, I think a bath. This one will do:


Though really, I would prefer this one:


Whoa, the eye candy pills are kicking in……I need me a nap.

This bed looks inviting enough to do the job…


Sweet dreams!

I hope my eye candy come down isn’t too harsh!

Picture credits:

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