AND exhale…… and reeeeeelaxxxxxx.
and that’s just what I did. Very easily because I was  here:

Fella & I were very lucky to spend the weekend in the newly renovated cottage ‘the Nest‘ which is smack bang in the bush just outside of Healesville in the Yarra Valley.  Some very lovely and super clever friends of mine, have turned  what was once an old run down, skanky, stinky cottage into a place that is truly special.

An impossible place to not chill out the second you walk through the door. Though I think for me it was the minute I pulled up in the driveway.

This is what I did:

Drank lots of  lovely local wine while cosying up by the fire here:

Ate/scoffed down delicious food while seated here (yep, a detail I thought important to share!)

Inhaled the incredibly fresh and clean air  while spending many an hour admiring the view to the bottom of the garden

Wandered along the river, which is just at the bottom of the garden -um awesome! (psst – this picture perfect stream is real people!)

and just thoroughly enjoyed being the beautiful Australian bush

Kooky fluro coloured trees and all!

But all good things must come to an end – damn you Sunday eve! And now I am home once more in the big smoke, but plotting about how to get back to the super special place. and have gotten myself all stressed out again just plotting my return trip!

Do yourselves a favour Melbourne peoples – The Nest in Healesville is a really special place to be, and I’m sure you are going to hear a whole lot more about it!