I’m a very lucky girl and this is a wordy post. So be prepared!

I’ll go on, shall I! On Wednesday I had the pleasure of being flown up to Sydney and attend an intimate dinner and master-class with chef Tetsuya Wakuda at his world class restaurant, Testsuya’s, courtesy of Electrolux.

The evening started with some bollie in hand and watching Tetsuya whip up some delicious goodies in his beautiful kitchen co-designed with the team from Electrolux.

It’s a kitchen I think few would snub their noses at: A huge carrera marble island bench sits front and centre with kickers set back so it appears to float in the centre of the room. Complete with induction cooktops,  tap-less sinks as to not spoil the clean lines and  an under bench oven.  Topped off  with a very sexy custom made smoked glass exhaust fan overhead,  to vanish the cooking smells (though, they were so good  it wouldn’t be the worst thing to keep them lingering just that wee bit longer!).

Chef Tetsuya whipped us up a variety of delicious things all in front of us on the induction cooktop.  I have to admit, I’ve always been a bit frightened of induction cooktops, as they seemed a little precious and I knew I would be the one to break/scratch/spill/kill it!. But after watching Testsuya, I can see all is fine & they can pump out the goods to create deliciousey things! So I’m on board. I’d even have one myself. They are very energy efficient and the clean lines of them in a kitchen are very apealing.

Whilst chatting with the very nice electrolux people, also accompanying us for dinner, I was very surprised to learn that they manufacture their fridges in country New South Wales and washing machines in Adelaide. Nowadays I honestly just assume everything is manufactured in China. But not everything, which is very cool, and I love them now because of that.

Ok, I also love them because they have made a fridge look so very sexy. Is it possible to feel true deep love for a fridge? Sexy really is the only way to describe it, with its high gloss black acrylic finish.


Above is the fridge with his friends from the Ebony line. So, so pretty.

Oh, and while I am on the bandwagon, also very exciting to find out that the fridge is one of the most energy efficient fridges on the market. We were told that it requires less energy to run than a 40w light globe. But don’t question me on that, because I don’t know the answers!!

After the master class, we sat down to dinner where I was very chuffed to meet the fellow guests at this very intimate dinner: fellow bloggers  Jo of Desire to Inspire (yes,THE blog god!), Lisa of The Red Thread and Jennifer of Inside out colour & design. It was so lovely meeting these lovely ladies!

I’m not going to pretend our chitty-chat was profound, in fact much gossip was spoken, as we pretty much inhaled the 10 very delicious courses!!

As the dishes came, so did the wine. An accompanying glass for each dish. There were 10 dishes. Do you see where I am going with this?!!…

It was a fabulous night and it was really special to meet the fellow bloggers (though as the laziest blogger ever, I can barely call myself one!)

What a great adventure it was! Thank you to Electrolux for inviting me to be a part of it!