Way back in May (which feels like it was just last week – I mean, really….time is going by just too fast!) but I digress… so back in May I attended the Melbourne art fair & fell deeply in love. Amongst the many rows of interesting goodies & some very overpriced baddies (remember I’m at an art fair!) I saw some work that I just couldn’t stop staring at and my heart a fluttering.

It was love at first sight.

Grant Anthony Cohen is a Melbourne based artist whose passion for decorative arts is very apparent in his work.  The details in his still life just blows my tiny mind.  Have a look through the following pictures & keep in mind it is oil on canvas.


Grant Anthony Cohen - 1970's

The glass light in this painting blows my mind. Such intricate detail in the reflective surfaces and of course the William Morris pattern on the walls is just perfect.

Grant Anthony Cohen -'The Red Chair'

If this room existed in real life, I would have trouble staying in it too long. Just saying!



Grant Anthony Cohen - My Red Egg Chair

Grant Anthony Cohen - My Red Egg Chair


Grant Anthony Cohen -Called for Sunday lunch


Grant Anthony Cohen -"Blue Room"


Grant Anthony Cohen -"Gone to the Track"


Grant Anthony Cohen -"Thank you William Morris"


Grant Anthony Cohen -Morris Back to Back

As I said – I fell in love. I knew it wasn’t just a fling and was the real thing. You just know that sort of thing – don’t you think!

So, I went back to the fair that night & bought one of his works for myself to enjoy daily!

I could only cough up the coin for one of his smaller works & bought the study painting for the larger piece titled ‘1970’s’.  Its a very appropriate piece for me – being a 70’s baby & also as I have a collection of turquoise bottles. A perfect art fit and we will have a happy life together it & I!


I’m not convinced that small photographs on the computer screen really show the work to its incredible details, so go & have a look at his website where you can see a higher quality picture to get a better sense at the mind blowing detail in his work. Check it here