Its cup day today here in Melbourne town.

In past years (yep, Designalogue has been around for years!) I have put some effort into the horsey theme & found lots of pictures featuring horses in interiors… I haven’t gone out searching very far this year, and well, I’m even kind of cheating a bit as I am just showing a picture of my own living room – badly photographed… but it does have a horse!

Camilla Molders Design

See. A horse that is made of crap loads of horses!

Camilla Molders Design

This picture will give you a much better look-see at my fabulous ponies!

It was very cleaverly created by one half of the Design Crisis clever duo – Karly Hand.  She did a limited print run of 30,  so I was very quick to make one of these mine – ALL MINE!

and so I did & we will live happily ever after!


If you are feeling ripped off by my lack of enthusiasm for this years race – you can have a look at horsey stuff I have done in past years here on the blog:

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