Day 1 of the year of the dragon. Seems appropriate to post some eye candy  pictures of dragons used in interiors.

Obvious really!

Osborne & Littles‘ ‘Chinese Dragon’  is one of my favourite of all time wallpapers. I’d love to use it in a project (who be the brave?!)

Camilla Molders Design

and moving on…

When I was a kid I would’ve flipped out over this wallpaper by Paper Boy (so  excellently titled ‘ere be dragons‘ ) and would’ve loved having this on my bedroom walls.

Instead I had bright red wallpaper with little white flowers all over it. It went so beautifully with my lime green curtains.  Picture all the furniture painted lovingly by my mumma in gloss bright red and a white flokati on the floor to complete the look.  Clearly it was the 1970’s.

hmm…its no wonder as a grown up  I am super stimulated by colour!

Camilla Molders Design


And of course  Schumacher make an appearance with their very well loved wallpaper Chang Mai.

Its pretty. But I don’t want to live with it!

Camilla Molders Design


According to Chinese horoscopes the year of the dragon is extra special and believed to bring success and happiness.

So I say welcome in dragon! Last year was a very sucky personal one for me and I’m happy to be done with it.

This year is already off to quite an amazing start and the opportunities that have already presented themselves are enough to make me fall off my chair! So welcome dragon & stay a while. I’m happy to make up the spare room for you!