Here in my part of the world -Melbourne town, the foods & wine festival is a happening or, maybe just happened?!  Foodie peoples get very excited by this. Just to be clear, I am no foodie.  I can cook – and even make food both edible AND tasty! But I’m no fancy pants cook nor have a real desire to be. To be honest the only time I’m dine in linen clothed restaurants its on someone else’s dime! Its just not my thang to drop a few hundy & then some on a meal. Sure its tasty, but I’m not going to appreciate it enough to drop my precious coin on it. I’d rather spend it on my furniture fetish -something house pretty that I can love long time. (psst, I reserve the right to change my mind about this at any time!)

Geez I can ramble on… So to the point of this post!:

Local chef Matt Wilkinson has released a beauitful new cook book titled: Mr Wilkinson’s Favourite Vegetables. I think from the title you can guess its about cooking with vegetables!

Its been photographed by one of my favourite ladies Jacqui Melville & chock full of tasty eye candy & belly goodness!

The photographs & styling are amazing. Its truly beautiful so chops goes to Caroline Velik for an amazing styling job done!

Im sure its all tasty too!


YUM!!  (think I need some lunch!)

Cute cover illustrated by Miso

Here is a pic of the fabulous Jacqui hard at work shooting my bathroom for my website!

Oh & re this bathroom project, I have some VERY exciting news to share about this very soon!!