So I am taking part in the Feast Watson Re-Love project & what a fitting day for such a campaign to be launched (you know, being Valentines day et all!)

The idea is to share my journey of taking a piece of furniture that has seen better days & give it a make over – or some re-love!

Always up for a challenge & this is my kinda fun, so why not! Also it is for a good cause: At the end of the campaign in May the piece (as well as the pieces of the other 8 designers & bloggers taking part) will be auctioned off with all the proceeds going to the Salvos Stores.

Step 1: I turned to Ebay  – the place where so much furniture can be found that is begging for a bit of re-love, & bought a small bedroom stool. Due to a tight deadline (ok, I may have left finding something to the very last second -but Ive been busy ok!) I didnt have time (or patience!) to go through the whole bidding thang, so offered too much $ upfront = I win!  (only $50!)

So this is the BEFORE picture!

The plan:

Some seriously re-loving is needed on this baby, so its what its gonna get! Some reupholstering obviously, but also re-staining using the Feast Watson products – naturally! I may even call in some favours from suppliers to see if they can assist in the transformation. (please, please peoples?!) I havent come up with the solid plan of what it will become yet, but I will & ahead of deadline! (this is note to self!!)

My first favour will be asking who can lend me an electric hand sander?!  Thats my least favorite part of this process….maybe I can use my charms to have some assistance in this part too?!!

You can check out more of the other designers & bloggers re-love projects & progress on Pintrest here & the website here

Wish me luck & watch this space as I will be blogging about my re-love progress!