Recently I was invited to participate in the Avenue of Design exhibition for the Design & Decor show. I decided I would use my room display to show what I believe in, & stand for as a designer – that being – individuality, colour, detailing, custom design & the feels that a beautiful space can evoke.

The side protest to the design world against all the boring greige that is everywhere was just a cherry on top for me!

Every piece in our space was custom designed: from the sculptured rug, through to the lamp shade that featured the same corner detailing as the rug – all the details that come together to make one seamless space that brought smiles to all the faces of the passes by. I worked with the team at Tsar carpets to bring my vision of the rug I designed to life. They have written an article about the occasion – so sharing their words below!


TSAR Carpets have elevated residential and commercial spaces globally with their holistic compositions for over 35 years. In recent collaboration, TSAR and Interior Designer, Camilla Molders, crafted a striking custom rug for feature in her vibrant stall at the Decor + Design interior trade event held in Melbourne.

Camilla brought elegance and flare to the crafting of the rug’s concept design, and briefed TSAR designers to finalise artistic features, materials and have the product brought to life through manufacture. Camilla Molders Design studio adopts a transformative and tailored approach to design and is driven by imagination to achieve spaces that reflect individuality and personal taste. The integration of these two teams sparked a collaboration filled with originality and creativity.

Camilla’s innovative and uniquely designed and styled space for Decor + Design, featured among nine other individually curated stalls that collectively formed an opulent entranceway of artistic suites. Guests weaved through the walkway with the opportunity to explore a creative curation of Australian Interior design before entering the trade event.

Avenue-of-Design-camilla-Molders-Design-Interior-Design-Melbourne-exhibition-4-gemmola Avenue-of-Design-camilla-Molders-Design-Interior-Design-Melbourne-exhibition-7-gemmola

Camilla achieved her vision of creating a modern, uniquely designed stall through infusion of detailed furniture and bold textiles. The space combined an eclectic colour palette of tonal red, blue and yellow hues with crisp geometric pattern, showcasing the alignment of contemporary and sophisticated expressive design.

The integration of the distinctive TSAR carpet was complementary to the bold radiancy of the room. The meticulously hand-tufted rug is made from premium 100 percent New Zealand Wool and Tencel, and fuses varying pile heights, sleek carving and beveling to achieve a vivacious piece that speaks to both functionality and art.

“Working with Tsar was a happy and creatively satisfying experience from start to finish! From the first meeting where I presented my concept drawings, I was met with excited smiles from the team and from then on through development I knew the team were really understanding what I was after. The care and thoughtfulness was there every step of the way and I couldn’t be happier with the end result. The rug is a smile inducing piece of floor art!”  – Camilla Molders



With its bright colouring and bold texture the collaborative rug was a striking statement in the beautifully designed stall, embodying the essence of both TSAR Carpet’s technical expertise and Camilla Molders’ innovation and expansion in interior design.