OK, so I didn’t out-rightly admit it the last time I posted about it…so I guess I should fess up now before you think I’m weird!!! But…I have a bit of a fish fetish! NOT in a creepy left of centre type way!!! Mine is purely innocent and artful!!! (But who am I to judge!  So if you have found your way here through googling fish fetish, then please, stay. Have a look around -maybe you will like what you see?!!!)

So what I’m into is the fish form used in art! See, innocent isn’t it!!! – Ain’t I!!!!

Maybe its something about the freedom of their form?

Eh. what ever, I just really dig em!

These are the latest of my slowly growing collection! I found them over on etsy and just HAD to have them! Loved what I saw – So I got me some!

More of  Lexy Art at Etsy  here

Oddly, I don’t like owning real fish! They annoy me!!!