If you gave me a verbal description of this house:  Canary yellow walls, bright blue ceiling, timber veneered dining room, black marble fireplace – I would most likely have smiled at you ever so sweetly and thought to myself – EW, someones stuck in 1985 …or thereabouts (hey – don’t get time specific picky on me!)  

But it works! – I really dig it!

Its no wonder really. It is the work of a clever Melbourne designer Geoffrey Browne who is well known in these parts for his design fabulousness! He knows what he is doing – Indeed! 

He has no website (that I can find) to show more of his fabulousness – so you will just have to trust me when I tell you he is a clever fella with a whole lotta gorgeousness strings in his bow!! 



There are a few pieces I could live with out – Romanesque columns for one, but overall I think its a whole lotta fabulousness!

I know in reality I couldn’t really live with a white sofa – (I cant even wear white due to the spillage factor – Im a mess, its true!) but this white buttoned number does things to me… and the canary yellow -i want more, more, more! Ahh…

It is in fact currently for sale details here