PPPhewy it is HOT. Crazy hot.

We are experiencing a heat wave here in Melbourne town and its nasty.  

I’m talking 43 degrees Celsius (109 Fahrenheit) -bloody HOT! a due to last for dayzzzzzzzzzzzz still. 

Its just uncivilised. 

So today I am pretending that my office is right through those curtains there. When the mood strikes I can just take a few steps and then flop into the pool….

Aaahh, I feel my blood cooling down already…..


Office for word and image

Office for word and image

The reality is not so, but it doesnt hurt to dream! 


This afternoon I have a client meeting in a very hot home that currently has no window furnishings so just has hot hot sun beaming in. The only thing to look forward to here is that its quite a drive out to site, and my lovely car has fabulous air con – so the ride will be sweet.

Hmm, maybe I can have the meeting IN the car?  

I’m serious too.  Hmm, bit hard measuring things though…


Aahh Im melting…….