It feels wrong not to comment on the situation that is currently happening here in Victoria where I live. So rather than post some eye candy pictures today,  bare with me for a moment while I talk of some serious matters.

On Saturday we experienced the hottest day ever on record – 46.5 degrees Celsius (115.7 F) -horrible and yet again an uncivilised heat. Most of Australia has been suffering from a drought for the past several years, so needless to say its dry and with the recent heat wave, extremely dry, so much that many of the cities trees look like its Autumn (fall) as the leaves have been burnt off and fallen to the ground.

While I overheated, yet safe and sound over the weekend at my inner city home, bush fires sprung up in the bush on the outskirts of the city and have raged ever since.  Entire townships have been decimated and the loss of human life is already in triple digits and so far over 750 homes destroyed.  And the amount of animal life will be extreme.

I have not been affected directly by this devastation, but still I just feel so heart sick and sad for those who have lost so much.

It is expected to be found that the fires have been purposely lit, which is just incomprehensible to me that someone would do so as kicks. I don’t get it, and as a normally peaceful person, I hope the persons responsible have a world full of bad karma coming their way.