Today is my big sisters birthday and to celebrate the occasion- I got me my favorite annual design book!

How sweet am I?!!!

Not just any book you see, its the Andrew Martin Interior Design review -featuring 460 pages of eye popping interior design deliciousness and inspiration.

Referred to around the global traps as ‘the Oscars for the design industry’. I wont dispute.

Its only available in my town for a very short time- once a year, in limited numbers and only from one supplier – I gotta get my hands on it & quick sticks!

and my hands upon I did!

Measuring at nearly 5cm or 2 inches thick -its a no go/too hard for scanning to share the goodness…but rather than totally withholding the oodles of eye candy within, I have taken a couple of crappy snaps to share the love and that will have to do your curiosity until I get around to looking up the websites of the designers featured and showing you some goodies that way.

You were warned in advance – so no petty tut tutting at the quality of  following pictures!!

And still in keeping with the horsey theme…

Tomorrow is my super cute, but not so cute tanties niece’s 4th birthday! Her present is a plum tree.

for real!

She has more than enough toys to play with or not, so fella and I decided to encourage her nature spirit by giving her her very own tree to nurture and look after!

Stay tuned to see how that turns out!

Oh,and happy birthday to you Min!