While the worlds powers that be twiddle their thumbs and play the blame game in at the the United Nations Climate Change Conference currently happening in Copenhagen,  the bear is melting.

Over the corse of a week, the Ice bear in Copenhagen’s Nytorv square will melt leaving a bronzed skeleton and a pool of water.

The Ice bear is the work of sculptor Mark Coreth stands at 1.8 metres tall – the same size as the average thickness of the floating sea ice in the Arctic ocean.

Quite a genius way to get the message across I think!

In other news – this Saturday here in Melbourne town is the Walk against Warming.

If you are in Melbourne town, come join me, the fella & tens of thousands of others at 12pm to wander from the Stare Library down Swanston Street to the Princess Bridge where we will make a human sign and send our message to the polies that we want action on Climate Change.

That is all!