In an effort to be more communicative dear blog, I thought I would share some random pictures of some project goodies that have been keeping me busy and away from the attentions that you dear blog, so deserve.

Now this picture may just look like some bits of fabric to you. But really its 2 sofas, 2 louis chairs & some fabulous scatter cushions.

See it now?

How about this picture?

Well obviously its a nail trimmed bed head and feature wallpaper. But you knew that right?!

What about this lot?

Easy – two  sofas, two chairs and scatter cushions.

And then this picture….do you see a kitchen?

And so with all those happenings in the works,  I’m jumping on a plane and heading out of town for the next week to chill out in Byron Bay.  Where after attending a friends wedding, I totally intend to stare for hours out at the ocean, walk aimlessly along the beach and go in search of  mountain goats around the lighthouse.

I also intend on recreating this photo of myself from the last time I was up yonder.

Ahh, serenity now!