A random sustainable design product post today…

Domestic goddess I am not.  I’ve only just come to terms with the fact that I dont have a fairy god mother who is going to clean up after me. (For an all too brief & fabulous time I did have a house cleaner who would clean those things you don’t even think about like light switches, door knobs  & ovens! (or is that just me?) But then I got de-facto divorced & couldnt keep her any more. I think her loss saddened me the most. I kid…but do I?!) So domestic products & wot nots were just not something I wouldn’t really spend much time thinking about. That was until on one of my exotic travels to the local IGA supermarket, I came accross something that made me really question ‘who am I?’

Until then I didn’t know I was the kinda girl to be excited -genuinely excited by something so domestic like a dish brush!

But I did. And after a lot of soul searching  it turns out I am!

In my defence, I think you would be too. You see its not a plastic dish thingy – it’s bamboo & kinda pretty as far as dish thingys go!

Maybe my love for this is more about the feel than the look. The bamboo handle feels so nice to hold & being a tactile lass, I just loves its feelin! Literally & figuratively (hmm…is that the right word?eh..) as it’s one of those feel good sustainable guilt free AND useful products!

The important sustainable credentials:

  • The handle is made from bamboo which is uber sustainable product as it grows at the speed of light -Fact* & finished with natural oils. Not toxic nasties.
  • The bristles & brush head are made of recycled plastic

Oh & it also works pretty well at cleaning stuff.  Fancy that – kinda pretty AND practical!

So my domestic goddess tip for you – spend the 7 ish bucks on a Full circle dish brush. When you have, get back to me & confirm your love of it- maybe we can form a club or something?!

Please note:

This is not a sponsored post. Bizarrely I do have a genuine love for these.

*Bamboo does not grow at the speed of light. But if you thought it did – even for a second, then I don’t think you can join my club.